Welcome to DJSBikedoctor.

We are all about bikes, riding and fun. It’s been many years since we started and a lot has happened. The technology of modern bikes has progressed so far compared to 20-30 years ago. We used to ride on steel or aluminum. Wheels needed constant truing. Suspension was built out of rubber bushings, flexing forks, and loose pivot points.

Now you can get a carbon bike that will let you fly over your local single track. You can also take it to the bike park and ride it almost like a full on downhill bike. Then there are dropper posts that make every down stretch instantly more fun. We have tubeless tires that can withstand endless punishment over sharp rocks. It’s basically heaven for mountain bikers.

People often say, technology distracts from the skill and essence of riding. I have to disagree: I think it only breeds more skill and more fun.

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