3 Reasons To Get A Carbon Bike

With so many bicycle frame options out there it may seem overwhelming when you are choosing a new pair of wheels. Carbon bike frames have been around for a long time but until recently were known as a super expensive ride for the elite biker. However, recently carbon bike frames have become more widely available for the common rider. Here are 3 benefits of purchasing a carbon bike frame.

1. Carbon bike frames are durable.

They are built to last. In many studies and experiments, carbon bike frames proved more durable than their alloy counterpart. Carbon is a very stable material that stands the test of time. Previously, carbon bikes were very susceptible to UV damage. Now, carbon is treated with UV stabilizer that negates this problem. Another benefit of carbon is they will not corrode or get damaged by salt.

Carbon bikes have been used for years. Because of this, they have also evolved for years. Bike manufacturers have taken any negatives about carbon frames and changed them so they no longer are a hindrance. With maintenance and care, a carbon bike can last a lifetime.

2. Carbon is light.

Most people know that carbon bikes are the lightest bike frames around. Because carbon is extremely fibrous it can easily be customized so that weight can be applied where the bike needs it but can remain light in other places. This translates to over a pound of weight loss compared to it other bikes.

3. Carbon bikes have a very smooth ride.

The common biker loves the feel and comfort of a carbon frame. This is because aluminum bikes transfer vibration and carbon bikes damper vibration.

A carbon frame may be the perfect fit. It is a durable, light, and smooth option. Next time you hit a bike store make sure to check out the carbon frames.

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